Policies aimed at improvement are important. They declare intentions and provide guiderails and parameters for action. But action is truly where change happens.

This spring, STO Building Group took action in holding its first Women in Construction National Network conference, bringing together over 30 women leaders from across the organization. Over two days, the group discussed challenges, strategized solutions, and celebrated the progress they have helped make. A panel of women who work in the field highlighted the specific challenges and opportunities of managing an environment still dominated by men, and some of STOBG’s most senior leaders—CEO Bob Mullen, executive chairman Jim Donaghy, and former chief innovation officer Rick Khan— joined part of the event to listen, engage, and network with the team. While building relationships was the event’s top objective, the group also pinpointed the actions their individual companies are taking, and can improve on, to continue driving meaningful change:

  1. Incorporate new and better ways to provide opportunities for growth within our company and the industry, such as specific leadership training and networking opportunities through organizations such as Professional Women in Construction.
  2. Work with local ACE Mentor programs and schools to better educate girls on what a career in construction could look like.
  3. Identify and plan community involvement activities that will enable us to give back in ways that benefit women and girls in our communities.
Women in the field panel