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As architects, engineers, owners, and construction managers embrace innovation at all stages of the project process, the industry has also begun to reevaluate how these stakeholders partner to deliver top quality projects, on time and on schedule.

In today’s market, uncertainty is part of the process. From labor shortages to supply chain issues, there are a number of factors that can impact your project’s cost, schedule, and quality. Now picture building 10 projects across 10 cities—all similar in size, scale, and scope—in less than two years. How can owners and developers avoid compounding change orders, costs, and coordination issues during real estate rollouts with so many variables?

Why is a zero-punch project so elusive? Join STO Building Group Executive Chairman, Jim Donaghy, as he discusses the ins and outs of delivering a top-quality project with a project team that recently completed a zero-punch move in on an 110,000sf headquarters: BCCI Construction’s Studio Director & Quality Manager, Lisa Dunmeyer, BCCI Field Operations Manager, Matt Ludwig, and Principal with AP+I Design, Meera Agrawal.