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More and more organizations are beginning to understand the advantages of workplace diversity and are working to create an environment where everyone feels valued and part of the team. A new consideration in this discussion is neurodiversity—creating spaces that account for a range of differences in brain function. Here renowned expert Kay Sargent, senior principal and director of workplace at HOK, explains what it means to design for neurodiversity and the role it plays in an overall effort to foster truly inclusive environments.

At STO Building Group, we understand the importance of a collaborative team and are committed to building a more diverse and inclusive workforce in our offices, on our jobs, and in our partnerships. Over the last year, STOBG’s Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee (DISC) has continued to drive this change within our company through corporate initiatives, while individual STOBG business units developed local approaches to D&I, focused on fostering strong relationships with minority, women, and disability owned businesses in our field.

Policies aimed at improvement are important. They declare intentions and provide guiderails and parameters for action. But action is truly where change happens.

In honor of Women in Construction Week, Danielle Simone, STO Building Group Vice President & Regulatory Compliance Counsel, had a candid conversation about the MWDBE process with one of Structure Tone New York’s longtime partners, and President of Egg Electric, Ellen Aschendorf, as well as Structure Tone’s Regional MWDBE Manager for the Northeast, Mafe Alizo.