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The golden age of Hollywood may be behind us, but the demand for captivating content is higher than ever. A production boom is spreading across the west and a critical reality is now making itself known: There’s not enough specialized, physical studio space to keep up with it all.

With its proximity to New York City and scenery ranging from forests to seacoasts, the state of New Jersey has a lot to offer film and television production. When the state passed its Film and Digital Media Tax Credit in 2018, studio developers noticed, and the state is now seeing more studio facilities underway.

People tend to think of civic art as outdoor sculptures, but in Los Angeles there are unexpected ways to experience it. For example, civic art is a glowing fused glass partition in the local urgent care center; it’s the swerving ramp under the skateboarder’s wheels at the park; it’s the coloring book created for children whose parents are staying at a public hospital.