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It’s Hurricane Season, and we know that the best time to prepare for a storm is before it’s even in the forecast.

Marc Reeves, Ajax Building Company’s Florida-based director of safety and risk management, offers the following tips on keeping the flow of communication going if a storm is on the way.

Although mental health awareness is at an all-time high, it continues to be referred to as “the silent epidemic” within the construction industry. And while this is certainly concerning from an employee health and wellness perspective, it is also inextricably tied to safety on the jobsite. Here, Structure Tone Dublin environmental health and safety director Fiona O’Reilly explains the deep connections between mental health and safety and how she and the STOBG Mental Health & Well-Being Committee have raised awareness and taken action to prioritize mental health.

Safety is more than an obligation—it’s a mindset. At RC Andersen, safety also means looking out for one another, specifically on job sites, resulting in minimal injuries and incidents on project sites—a true testament to the company’s Safety 360° culture.