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Construction robots have been around since the 1960s. In the 1970s and 1980s, Japanese companies such as the Shimizu Corporation, Obayashi Corporation, and Takenaka Corporation created robots and remote-controlled machines for excavating, material handling, concrete placing, finishing, fireproofing, earthworks, rebar placing, and other construction tasks. However, the overall robotization of the industry has been slow.

The pandemic undoubtedly served as a catalyst for technology in the world of real estate and construction. Is it here to stay? Mariana Circiumaru, managing director and head of US construction for BentallGreenOak, shares her perspective as a property owner and developer navigating the balance between tech and the human touch.

After building an award-winning smart building system together more than two years ago, former project partners Doug Kruser, Structure Tone project manager and mechanical specialist, John Hester, owner and chief consultant at Hester Consulting, and Michael Krall, executive director of smart buildings at JPMorgan Chase, reconnected to reflect on their experience and how the world of smart buildings has advanced since then.

The demand for BIM and VDC solutions is growing stronger every day—and builders need to continue to innovate and evolve to keep up. Join Public Relations Manager, Bryan Packer, as he discusses Layton Construction’s unique approach to BIM and VDC with the company’s virtual design and construction team: Jeff Metcalf, Vice President of Information Systems, Jon Ferguson, Director of Visualization, and Tim McLachlan, Director of BIM.