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Chris Bailey, creative design manager at Structure Tone London, is a visualization whiz. But he’s also a keen student of new technologies and always has his eyes
open for anything that may benefit his team’s projects and clients. When he saw how his STOBG colleagues in Texas were using reality capture tools like OpenSpace, he wanted in.

Although drones got their start in military operations, they have become engrained in almost every aspect of our culture, from package delivery to wedding photography. Drones are becoming increasingly useful for construction too, especially for large-scale, out of-the-ground projects.

They’re featured in films, literature, and throughout pop culture…usually as a threat. But have no fear—robots are here to enhance our society rather than take it over. In the construction industry, robots can work alongside humans to help keep them safer and increase productivity. Here, Structure Tone Southwest operations manager Ryan Davis details their collaboration with Rugged Robotics, a Houston-based construction technology company, and the significance of robots on construction sites.

The pandemic undoubtedly served as a catalyst for technology in the world of real estate and construction. Is it here to stay? Mariana Circiumaru, managing director and head of US construction for BentallGreenOak, shares her perspective as a property owner and developer navigating the balance between tech and the human touch.