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Middle America. The Heartland. “Flyover” states. Whatever term you prefer, it’s undeniable that the area between the two US coasts is seeing a surge of popularity. Thanks to a host of factors—from the pandemic to tax benefits and cost of living—several key cities are emerging, and bringing jobs, infrastructure, and economic growth with them.

When you think of an industrial building, you probably envision a simple, steel box with basic infrastructure. That general image may be true of the exterior—but the interiors are increasingly being repurposed for some surprising uses.

Our largest clients are pushing for carbon neutrality and innovation in sustainable construction has become a top priority. In the industrial sector, great strides are being made to reduce the embodied carbon of a project through the selection of low carbon materials.

In the fast-paced world of industrial construction, every second counts—but delivering the highest quality product on time, on schedule, and on budget, has never been more challenging. Join industrial construction experts Jeff McKinnon, Senior Director of Corporate Development at Govan Brown, Eric Nay, Executive Vice President of Layton Construction’s National Building Group, Scott Frank, Project Executive at LF Driscoll, and Jason Quinn, Senior Vice President of Estimating at Pavarini McGovern as they discuss the evolving obstacles of building in the high-speed, high-tech industrial sector.

In an age where online orders can be delivered within hours of purchase, speed is the name of the game. Over the last five years, industrial facilities have transformed from rudimentary pick-and-pull systems to sophisticated, AI-informed structures that can move products over 40 miles per hour. With so much change in so little time, how are construction partners keeping up with the rapid changes, exciting innovations, and unfolding challenges of building in the industrial sector?