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In the digital age, data centers have become the backbone of our increasingly interconnected world. These facilities power everything from streaming services and social media platforms to large corporations and are indispensable hubs for storing, processing, and distributing large quantities of data. With the exponential growth in data center trends, the industry is transitioning towards groundbreaking innovations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming every industry and will stretch across all aspects of human life. Data centers are no exception. As AI applications continue to rapidly evolve, data centers need to adapt and evolve their design, specifically their electrical and mechanical infrastructure to accommodate these demanding workloads. There are key considerations for building future-proof data centers as AI continues to develop, such as these.

The post-pandemic data center boom isn’t slowing down, so how are hyperscalers, builders, and manufacturers keeping up? Join STO Mission Critical Project Executive, Jim DiNoia, as he discusses the influx of mission critical work with SVP of STO Mission Critical, Martin O’Neill, and Vice President of Data Center Engineering at Sentinel Data Centers, Nick Marzorati.

Middle America. The Heartland. “Flyover” states. Whatever term you prefer, it’s undeniable that the area between the two US coasts is seeing a surge of popularity. Thanks to a host of factors—from the pandemic to tax benefits and cost of living—several key cities are emerging, and bringing jobs, infrastructure, and economic growth with them.