With a robust network of over 4,700 construction professionals, the STO Building Group is rich with experts spanning all facets of the construction industry. That means local project teams can readily access that companywide expertise and experience for the benefit of their clients and projects. Here, we highlight just a few of these experts and their areas of specialization.

Jennifer Taranto, Vice President of Sustainability, STO Building Group
Natural light and trees illuminating interior of glass-walled structure.
Jennifer Taranto

Sustainability has evolved beyond a mere trend; it now serves as the cornerstone of modern construction practices, profoundly influencing how we design and inhabit spaces. Jennifer Taranto, STO Building Group’s Vice President of Sustainability, champions sustainability, health, and wellness within the built environment. She specializes in crafting strategies that seamlessly integrate sustainability throughout every phase of a project’s lifecycle, from conception to completion. Taranto’s collaborative approach ensures that projects meet rigorous environmental standards while preserving functionality and aesthetics, thus paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

“Collaboration across our industry is pivotal Mass Timber in prioritizing sustainability and wellness in both job sites and offices. When architects, designers, builders, environmental consultants, and employers unite to emphasize humancentric design and adopt sustainable practices, remarkable results are achieved.”

Brooks McDaniel, SVP of Building Repositioning, STO Building Group
Tall buildings along Beacon Street in Boston, Massachusetts.
Brooks McDaniel
Building Repositioning

Brooks McDaniel is a virtuoso in building, repositioning and transforming outdated structures into modern, vibrant spaces. McDaniel identifies untapped potential within existing buildings and unlocks their value through strategic renovations. His approach encompasses not only cosmetic enhancements but also eco-friendly design principles that align with sustainability goals while maximizing carbon reduction. By revitalizing structures into thriving commercial spaces and community hubs, McDaniel enables businesses to make informed decisions that drive long-term sustainability.

“By repositioning a building to be more attractive to tenants or buyers, the building’s occupancy rate can be increased, thereby reducing the overall carbon usage per person.”

David Hamilton, Structure Tone
Supply Chain Report Dec 22
David Hamilton
Supply Chain

A pressing question for anyone embarking on a construction project: “What’s happening with the supply chain?” David Hamilton, STO Building Group’s Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, understands the critical role of supply chain management in driving efficiency and reducing costs. With a keen eye on emerging trends and challenges, Hamilton fosters strong relationships with suppliers and distributors to optimize supply chain operations. His meticulous analysis and proactive strategies empower businesses to navigate uncertainties and drive resilience in the face of supply chain challenges.

“There is always a need for agility, collaboration, and innovation as industries grapple with supply chain challenges. However, proactive strategies and cross-functional teamwork are essential for navigating uncertainty and driving resilience.”

Cherelle Cortez
Tall building with all glass windows and a crane
Cherelle Cortez
Trade Partner Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity is essential for fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities within organizations. To effectively implement and advance supplier diversity programs, organizations often enlist experts like Cherelle Cortez, Layton Construction’s Vice President of Trade Partner and Supplier Diversity. Driven by a passion for promoting inclusivity and empowering underrepresented groups, Cortez has dedicated her career to spearheading strategic initiatives that bring about meaningful change. She has been instrumental in establishing new trade partner resources and training programs, including Layton’s Trade Partner Equity Program, which helps MWDBE businesses enhance their competitiveness. Leveraging Cortez’s expertise, insights, and strategies can enable organizations to succeed while creating economic opportunities for underrepresented communities.

“Innovation thrives where diversity thrives. By embracing supplier diversity, we not only open doors for underrepresented businesses but also unlock the potential for unparalleled creativity and success within our organizations.”

Pete Kobelt, Director of Mass Timber Solutions, Structure Tone Southwest
A pile of large sawed logs
Pete Kobelt
Mass Timber

In our rapidly evolving industry, a rising star is quickly emerging: mass timber. STOBG Director of Mass Timber Solutions,
Pete Kobelt is at the forefront of this movement. With expertise extending beyond environmental benefits, Kobelt harnesses
mass timber’s structural advantages to implement innovative solutions across various projects, particularly in higher
education. From lecture halls to dormitories, engineered wood products resonate deeply with academic institutions,
offering a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal, structural integrity, and eco-consciousness.

“Innovations like mass timber can be leveraged to meet emerging and increasingly urgent environmental and social goals. Commitments like these are no small tasks. Reimagining how our clients build, what they build with, and how they operate their buildings—including strategies like CLT—is critical to helping them achieve these ambitious goals.”