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By Jennifer Taranto, VP of Sustainability, and Rick Khan, former Chief Innovation Officer, STO Building Group

As one of the largest industries in the world, construction has a direct impact on our environment. It is a pivotal time in history as our industry is now focusing in on addressing this global challenge. It is a crisis that requires innovation. At STO Building Group, we are driven to meet our clients’ needs, which are increasingly including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. One of the tools we use to help clients work toward those goals is Green Badger, a cloud-based software platform designed to streamline and automate green construction compliance—everything from jobsite ESG tracking through LEED certification.

Green Badger Sustainability reports

While ESG tracking is a more recent owner requirement for project teams, LEED certification has been around for decades, and typically involves manual tracking in multiple spreadsheets. Green Badger’s LEED software streamlines and automates LEED construction documentation by elimi- nating spreadsheets, instantly verifying and documenting thousands of products, exporting into LEED review-ready format, and providing real-time dashboards so the team is always informed.

Green Badger Sustainability reports

Green Badger’s LEED software removes the arduous, time-consuming process of material tracking, instantly verifying and document- ing thousands of LEED v4 compliant products from Green Badger’s database. The database provides our teams with pre-reviewed prod- uct documentation and auto-populates the product attributes, such as environmental or health product declarations, volatile organic compounds, and more, into the required LEED calculators. Through cloud collabora- tion, the platform also allows us to seamlessly collaborate with all necessary stakeholders, whether in the office or in the field. We know that LEED is still seen as a valuable market differentiator for real estate but that certification in third-party rating systems can be seen as cumbersome. Green Badger removes the barriers for our teams and pro- vides all the LEED construction credits in one real-time dashboard to transparently ensure we’re meeting the project requirements. Using innovative, collaborative tools like these helps our clients reflect their values through their buildings and have a positive impact in their communities.

Green Badger launched its ESG platform in 2021, allowing project teams to track jobsite carbon, energy, water, waste, and site inspections in one central repository. New modules to track socioeconomic goals, such as supply chain diversity, are being released in 2022.


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