Chris Bailey, creative design manager at Structure Tone London, is a visualization whiz. But he’s also a keen student of new technologies and always has his eyes open for anything that may benefit his team’s projects and clients. When he saw how his STOBG colleagues in Texas were using reality capture tools like OpenSpace, he wanted in.

“I knew the documentation part of the tool alone would be helpful,” Bailey says. “When the pandemic set in, we really began using OpenSpace in earnest and started to see what a difference it could make to our entire process.”

The more the project teams began scanning their sites using OpenSpace, the more they began making notes within the tool, sharing that information, and using its other features, until it snowballed into a truly cohesive team process.

“Not everyone understood how a tool like this could add value to so many facets of a project,” says Bailey. “It has become standard on our projects and serves as the central information point for all roles. It’s really powerful.”

Construction employee using OpenSpace Reality Capture Toll on their phone

Here’s what London project team members have to say about it.


Favourite features: Ease of use, progress tracking, ability to capture big picture and minute details

 “OpenSpace is easy to use. The tags and date stamps make it easy to bring back all images for a specific contractor within a date range on a specific floor, making it quick and simple to find information. Such a time saver!”—Kevin Balaam, Senior Planner 

“Only one person needs to walk the site, which has been a major timesaver. When recording progress against the programme,  the planner can quickly check his/her assessment without the need to return to site.” —Graham Roebuck, Head of Planning


Favourite features: Validation of material quantities and subcontractor payments, streamlined process “We use it multiple times every day to monitor progress, check details, value works, and much more. For example, we can review subcontractors’ applications and compare against the OpenSpace data to validate progress. Having OpenSpace as an aid alongside your general site walks can make tasks much more efficient and streamlined.”—Joseph Leckie, Commercial Manager/Quantity Surveyor.


Favourite features: Visual reference for client and progress meetings, monthly valuations, health and safety measure confirmation

Construction employee using OpenSpace Reality Capture Toll on their phone

“Our entire team is using OpenSpace to plan, implement, and monitor work activities every day. It’s great to refer to during client and internal progress meetings, design workshops, monthly valuations, and confirming health and safety actions have been closed. Subcontractors working on the project have become very aware of our tech capabilities and are mindful of our regular captures and how their works are being implemented and monitored on the project.”—Gary Cinamon, Senior Project Manager


Favourite features: Ease of sharing imagery, side-by-side progress comparisons, ability to review any stage

“I was a bit skeptical of the system to start with, but now I have taken over 5,100 photographs of site progress and added notes. Using tags for contractors, anyone can drill down to a specific area and see the progress by floor, area, contractor, materials used, and how works are built. The same information would take days to collect with a regular camera walk-around.”—Peter Taylor, Construction Manager