In the digital age, data centers have become the backbone of our increasingly interconnected world. These facilities power everything from streaming services and social media platforms to large corporations and are indispensable hubs for storing, processing, and distributing large quantities
of data. With the exponential growth in data center trends, the industry is transitioning towards groundbreaking innovations.

Exterior of Aligned Energy Data Center in West Jordan, Utah


That’s where STO Mission Critical comes in. The STOMC team taps into the vast data center facility expertise across the STO Building Group to stay ahead of these demands. Essentially a microcosm of the STOBG platform itself, STO Mission Critical has “centers of excellence” housed within individual builders—Structure Tone, Structure Tone Southwest, Structure Tone International, and Layton Construction—that are structured to serve data center clients’ needs across the entire region.

“STOMC Centers of Excellence represent our market leadership while operating as knowledge hubs for the constantly evolving digital ecosystem,” says Terence Deneny, senior vice president of STO Mission Critical. “These experts have industry-leading experience and perspectives on sustainability, diversity, innovation, technology, and more and can bring that expertise to bear wherever a client needs us.”


As the demand for data grows, data center clients must find new ways to keep up with those needs. Data center builders must do the same.

“Having been a partner, collaborator, and innovator in this industry for almost 40 years, we understand where trends are going and are working with our clients to provide creative and diverse solutions to make sure their facilities stay head of industry demands,” says Martin O’Neill, senior vice president of STO Mission Critical.

Take, for example, the recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as recognizing speech, making decisions, and learning from experience.

Mission Critical data center

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI that involves the use of algorithms that can learn from data and improve their performance over time. In other words, machine learning is the process of teaching machines to learn patterns and insights from data without being explicitly programmed to do so.

As AI and ML applications continue to rapidly evolve, data centers need to adapt and evolve their design and specifically their electrical and mechanical infrastructure to accommodate these demanding workloads. How? With design and construction strategies that focus on scalability, high power density, cooling efficiency, network infrastructure, monitoring and automation, security, future proofing, and sustainability.

“As an innovative data center construction leader, we strive to support sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices,” says Deneny. “We understand the value and have resources to help our clients achieve their commitment to having a positive impact on the environment.”


From speed to market to power generation and high-density cooling, the mission critical industry certainly needs innovators and experts to solve its constant challenges. And the STO Mission Critical team is purpose-built to be part of that expert team—including developing an in-house training program to continue building a deep bench of data center builders.

“Our use of cutting-edge technology and MEP solutions provide tremendous value,” says O’Neill. “By sharing that knowledge with each other within STO Mission Critical and across the STO Building Group, we’re bringing collective experience, relationships, and expertise to our cloud, colocation, and enterprise clients alike.”