The AEC industry is ever evolving. In the search for more sustainable solutions in construction, mass timber continues to take hold. As a central feature of a building’s aesthetic—and perhaps of the owner’s commitment to environmental stewardship—mass timber is notable and noticeable, and is actively challenging traditional building methods. Is it the next step in improving the built world?

Construction robots have been around since the 1960s. In the 1970s and 1980s, Japanese companies such as the Shimizu Corporation, Obayashi Corporation, and Takenaka Corporation created robots and remote-controlled machines for excavating, material handling, concrete placing, finishing, fireproofing, earthworks, rebar placing, and other construction tasks. However, the overall robotization of the industry has been slow.

Have you considered the significance of a product’s bar code when you shop at a supermarket?

The 50-year-old invention contains a standardized product number essential to the operation of the whole value chain: the retail store, the distribution center, the transportation company, the warehouse, the vendor, and the producer.

Located at the busiest corner of the most heavily trafficked public space in the world, the building at 1568 Broadway is currently being transformed into an unprecedented, entertainment-driven project set to reimagine how people engage Times Square. TSX Broadway is the vision of L&L Development Corporation and Maefield Development—who recognized early-on Times Square’s shift toward more experience-based retail, hospitality and entertainment, including show-stopping Broadway productions, that appeal to global visitors. We are heading up the complex team that is partnering with this consortium of clients and stakeholders and leading the robust group of consultants to design a destination that will attract tenants and visitors unlike any ever before.